You might be an engineer if… อยากเป็นEngineerเชิญทางนี้

* submitted by: Felecia Murphy (
o you have half-broken objects in your house that you refuse to throw away with the hope that you can someday fix them.
o you spend time looking at house hold products trying to devise a method for improvement.
o you actually buy technical books.
o you think that your way is the best way to do everything and constantly challenge ideas.
o you solder tools together to form new objects.
* you constantly inform people that the ships in Star Wars should all be silent in space. (Stu)
* …and pick out other faults in movies regarding machines. (Stu)
* you tell people that time travel is impossible. (Stu)
* …minutes later you think of how you would build a time machine. (Stu)
* you know “natural frequency” has nothing to do with bowel movements. (Stu)
* you get angry when people won’t let you fix things they’ve broken. (Stu)
* you tried to build Transformer toys out of lego as a kid. (Stu)
* …and tried to invent various lego contraptions in the hope of making money. (Stu)
* you beg everyone you know to call you “Scotty.” (Caitlin H.)
* you can do vector calculus in your head, but you forgot how to do long division. (Psycho Dragon,
* you consider a databook “good reading” when you’re on the toilet. (Stu Bell)
* the first thing you do with anything new is take it apart to see how it works. (Stu Bell)
* the last time you moved, you needed two dumpsters to haul off the scrap electrical parts from your work room. (Stu Bell)
* you not only know what a left-handed constabulator is, but you designed one once, for fun. (Stu Bell) Okay, okay… I’m more of a computer geek than an engineer…
* you paid more for math and science books during college than most people pay for tuition.


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